This site was a huge undertaking. Most of my web experience is in backend development. This was the first time I completed a website, start to finish, covering every area of web development possible (well...other than scaling).

Server Setup

The site is hosted through Amazon's web service (free tier) running an Ubuntu server instance with the LAMP server stack. Route53 was used to handle the domain and MX records.


The entire backend is written in PHP using the Symfony2 MVC framework. Project content is all persisted with a Mysql database. The Liip Imagine bundle was used to handle thumbnail generation using the GD image library. Github is used for versioning and composer is used for dependency management.

Admin Section

Users and their encrypted credentials are stored in the database with the admin section requiring authentication. The admin section contains galleries, categories, and projects sections. Galleries are linked to projects, and projects are linked to categories. The nav bar will add links dynamically as categories are added. Images are uploaded to the server through the admin section. An IP tracking system was implemented for failed login attempts to block dictionary attacks on the user database.

Front End

The css is compiled using less and includes print media css for the resume page. JQuery was used to create the sliding project snippets on the front page and also the showcase section at the top. All pages should pass html5 validation (except for lightbox errors).

Host Amazon Web Services
Server Ubuntu 12








Back End

Front End

Source Code