When I came on to the Dead Drop project it was an already completed server. It was written in php using the Cake framework. For a multiplayer game this just wasn't going to cut it. So my employer had the back end web team (at first 2 fellows, but shortly there after just myself) how we could get the server running faster. We thought of ways to optimize the system as it was since we wouldn't be able to make many changes to the iOS app. At the end of the day we settled on rewriting the whole thing using server-side javascript and Nodejs.

My colleague handled the majority of user work (authentication etc) while I focused on the game listings and gameplay. The project makes use of Routeme, a module I created which was inspired by Symfony2's routing setup. Mysql was used for persistence. JSON is the primary data model for server communication.

Host Amazon Web Services
Server Ubuntu 12






Back End



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